Arianna Leah Fischer

Thinker & Doer

MONTREAL, QUEBEC · (604) 719-1150 ·

I am an Italian and American recent graduate in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of British Columbia. I have a strong passion for programming, solving challenging mathematical problems and conducting research in philosophy. In my free time, I read, write, run, and play with cats .

Programming Languages & Tools
  • ++
Spoken Languages
  • Fluent: Italian, English
  • Advanced: Spanish
  • Beginner: French


Software Engineer Intern

Absolute Software
  • Carried out technology updates on technologies like Maven, Jenkins, and Java
  • Helped manage version control and encouraged best Git practices amongst developers
  • Managed multi-team tasks while maintaining efficient communication with all members
  • Wrote documentation for developers, held stand-up meetings, and worked both on team and individual projects

Technologies: Git, Python, Java, Maven, Jenkins CI, Ansible CD

January 2018 - August 2018

Software Engineer

UBC Thunderbots
  • Updated, built, and tested software to improve autonomous soccer-playing robots
  • Wrote documentation specifying commenting conventions, function layout, and use of applications
  • Tested plays through grSim, the RoboCup small-size league simulator, and on the field
  • Put in charge of fixing bugs and issues in robot's ability to pivot during game
  • Implemented functionality through AI, Image Recognition, Control Theory, and Robotics

Technologies: C++, grSim, Linux, GNOME terminal

Sep 2016 - Aug 2018


Philosophy of Religion

The University of British Columbia

  • Writing a paper presenting a strong objection to the modal ontologial argument by the renowned philosopher of religion Alvin Plantinga
  • Corresponding and working with various experts in the field, including Graham Oppy
  • Requires excellent critical thinking skills and a clear written exposition of the argument
  • Expected to be published in the prestigious International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Areas: Philosophy of Religion, Metaethics, Metaphysics, Modal Logic

Sep 2019 - Present


Italy COVID-19 Visualizer

Personal Project

  • Creating a dashboard showing current and past coronavirus statistics in all regions in Italy
  • Using ArcGIS and React to display data with either Golang or Python to scrape data

Technologies: React, JavaScript, ArcGIS, Golang/Python

May 2020 - Present

React Tic-Tac-Toe

Personal Project

  • A simple react app hosting the tic-tac-toe game
  • Extending this by making user's opponent an unbeatable AI that uses the minimax algorithm

Technologies: React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

May 2020

Portfolio Website

Personal Project

Personal Website based on Bootstrap template

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML/CSS

April 2020


Absolute Software

  • A command line interface wrapped with Docker and written in Python that automates the building of microservices for developers at the company
  • Uses RESTful API to create the remote repository and build job on Jenkins CI and deploys the newservice with Ansible CD
  • Reduces overhead time for developers at the company, is highly adaptable and encourages astandard for all developers to follow

Technologies: Python, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible

March 2018 - August 2018

Dependencies Visualizer

Absolute Software

  • A directed graph where nodes are company software tools and technologies and edges represent dependencies between them
  • Used Python to scrape the dependencies from the company microservices and placed them in a CV file
  • Data from CV file is then represented using Neo4J Graph Database queried with Cypher
  • Gives useful information in how to reduce inter-dependencies, remove cyclical dependencies, and generally clean up the company’s codebase

Technologies: Python, NetworkX, Neo4J Graph Database

August 2018


University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Science

Major Mathematics, Minor Philosophy

Upperlevel GPA: 4.1/4.33

Sep 2015 - May 2020

Awards and Events


International Major Entrance Scholarship - Awarded to outstanding incoming international students - March 2015

Continuing Scholar - An invite given to the top 10% of students at UBC to attend a reception with President Santa Ono - February 2020


Women Who Code Vancouver - Gave a talk explaining and showcasing Butler, a project I developed independently at Absolute Software - Sep 2018